Introducing the 'Small African Business Network Initiative'

 On a quest of utmost Corporate Social Responsibility, our company earlier launched the Small African Business Network Affiliate program, aimed at creating value-for-money employment for the unemployed sector of the African economy. To further satisfy our Corporate Social Responsibilities, we are launching the Small African Business Network initiative, a platform that allows a percentage of profits from our independent sign-ups to go to Charitable organizations, NGOs and Foundations. This is an efficient way to satisfy our Corporate Social Responsibility, in that the clients signing up can choose the specific organization to which the dedicated portion of their fees are donated. Are you a charity, not-for-profit organization, or NGO interested in becoming a Small African Business Network beneficiary? Send an email to Stating your intent, and a brief profile of your organization.

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31 Jul 2017

By Mebatonije Inioluwa